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Virgin Gorda offers a treasure trove of unforgettable experiences for yacht enthusiasts and island explorers alike. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a land lover, there's something for everyone to enjoy while on this beautiful island.



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The highest point on Virgin Gorda at 1,370ft; Gorda Peak is located on the northwestern ridge, south of North Sound and north of Soldier Bay. Donated by Laurance Rockefeller in 1974, Gorda Peak is one of the last remaining examples of Caribbean dry forest in the region, which makes it a high priority for conservation internationally.

Following trails that lead to the lookout tower at the Peak, hikers are rewarded with a panoramic view of the BVI, particularly the popular anchorage at North Sound. On a clear day Anegada is visible on the horizon to the northeast. A picnic site is located at the junction of the east and west trails.

Gorda Peak


Hiking, Panamoric Views


This prominent landmark dominates Mine Hill, on the cliffs of the southeastern tip of Virgin Gorda. Surrounding the Copper Mine ruins there are many granite rock outcroppings, with additional deposits of quartz, feldspars, tin, copper and other clay minerals.

Mine Hill is also a habitat for the White-tailed tropicbirds (Phaethon Lepturus) that nest in the rocky cliff crevices by the sea close to the southeastern corner of the Cornish Engine House. Departing from their seaside nests, they dive from incredible heights in order to feed on marine species, such as squid.

Copper Mine


Hiking, Swimming, Panoramic Views


Located on Virgin Gorda, Spring Bay is east of The Baths in an area known as The Crawl. Popular with visitors and residents, Spring Bay is accessible from land along a palm-lined avenue. Surrounded by an expansive lawn are children’s swings to while away the lazy days of summer that last all year. Picnic tables and a barbecue grill inspire get-togethers with friends or family at this beautiful sandy beach, which is nestled amongst the boulders. A trail disappears through the rocks to Valley Trunk Bay, offering secluded rock pools and swimming spots along the way.

Within the Crawl is a small bay enclosed by a circle of boulders forming a natural corral, which in earlier times was used to hold turtles and fish, but is now a natural swimming pool. A popular day anchorage, sailors can access Spring Bay from the sea, using the NPT mooring buoys to prevent anchor damage.

Spring Bay


Hiking, Swimming, Panoramic Views


At the southwestern tip of Virgin Gorda is the picturesque Devil’s Bay. This horseshoe shaped bay is a welcome sight at the end of the 15-minute hike through dry scrub vegetation and boulders from the car park at the top of The Baths. A second trail at the eastern end leads visitors to The Baths, through massive granite boulders, where hikers should be prepared to crawl, climb ladders and wade through water. Caution must be used at all times to avoid slipping or falling.

A tranquil location for swimming and snorkeling, or just relaxing under the shade umbrellas, Devil’s Bay is one of Virgin Gorda’s most beautiful beaches. At the southern end of the beach is a trail to Stoney Bay, where the Atlantic swells pummel the coastline and seabirds soar overhead.

Devil's Bay


Hiking, Swimming, Snorkeling, Panoramic Views


A series of steps and rope handrails guide explorers along a trail through the boulders from the beach at The Baths to the sandy expanse that is Devil’s Bay.

This popular daytime anchorage is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. The offshore dinghy dock line provides facilities for small vessels whilst mooring bouys protect the reef from anchor damage. Swim line markers guide vessels through safe channels when approaching the beaches, but caution should always been used and speeds should not exceed 5 mph.

Onshore facilities include bathrooms and lockers, creating a safe and enjoyable experience in this unique environment.

On a clear day, the BVI's second largest island, Anegada, is visible on the horizon to the north east.

The Baths


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